Monday, 6 January 2014

There doesn't have to be a moo in "Smoothie"

In the foodie jungle of pre-and post-run drinks, it’s often tricky to select one that is nutritious, tasty and affordable, with a list of ingredients that doesn’t require an encyclopaedia to decipher.

Meet Karen, Lisa and Louis, the enigmatic brain boxes behind Everything But The Cow – an intriguingly-named brand of fruit and soya shakes launched in 2011 and available in shops throughout the UK from July 2013.

"It all started when the rainy season arrived a month early in Thailand,” the ladies write on their website

“Fed up with the usual choice of soft drinks, we noticed a soya and banana drink - it was light, refreshing and tasted wonderful. When back home we started to mix lots of different fruit with soya and a little honey until we had found the perfect shake and Everything But The Cow was born."

The portion-sized cartons have three common characteristics: Each averages a fruit content of 20%, each is fat free thanks to containing plant based protein, and each is made and packaged in Somerset, keeping carbon footprints to a minimum.

Soya is excellent for muscular repair and bone health, so therefore ideal for runners and other athletes. Flavours include Mango & Orange, Strawberry & Raspberry and Banana & Kiwi.

As well as fuelling post-workout recovery, they’re great on cereal too, as a mid-afternoon snack or put your mixology skills to the test by combining them with each other or other juices.

And what’s behind the name?

“We honestly don’t have anything against cows….,” say Karen, Lisa and Louise. “We just think they deserve a day off every now and then and so do the people who milk them!”

Well that certainly gets my stamp of approval!

For more information or to enquire about stocking Everything But The Cow, email

Stockists include Ocado, Harrods, Wholefoods Market, Patridges, As Nature Intended, The Natural Kitchen and many other independent shops, delis and cafes.

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